We are a product of our environment as our environment is also shaped by who we become. Every person we meet, every place we go, every new experience we have, every book we read, every skill we learn changes and makes us unique. Any output of a system is an input to another, nothing is created, nothing is lost and everything is transformed in this abundant universe. When we connect with others we leave a piece of us and we get a part of them. The more diverse these are the broader is our perspective and the higher is the probability of reimagining the possible.

When we communicate authentically, sharing our true values and beliefs we spark reflections, questions and inspire action. Words carry power and can be a force for good when combined forming ideas. These ideas, when crazy enough to challenge the status quo, are unstoppable. The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size because neurons that fire together wire together. Ideas can travel across space and time looking for other like minded people that share the same vision but bring different experiences and perspectives. They are willing to join the movement and create communities to redesign and rebuild this new imagined world.

Many that came before us had to rethink old stories that didn't make sense, reset their biases and find courage to break the outdated rules. Science was risky, decentralizing information was illegal and power was highly concentrated. But it was inevitable, science is the engine that moves humanity and we now have decentralized abundant knowledge and distributed power at our reach. With leverage we can convert this knowledge into power and we can apply science through technology to enhance our human potential. We owe them for living in a present that is better than the past and the future generations expect the same from us. So we take risks, have skin in the game and face the consequences of our decisions.

We are a community of creators, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. A place where it does not matter who is right, what matters is doing the right thing. We believe that in this new world failure is not a bug, it's a feature. We are not afraid of learning, unlearning and relearning as many times as it takes, this is lifelong learning. We are intellectually curious, we practice our knowledge and share our wisdom. We are anti-fragile, we adapt, change and grow everyday. We are impatient with actions and patient with results. We take ownership of our education, curate our sources of information and consciously select and drop our mentors. We never know where the best ideas will come from, so we look for it everywhere.

We walk the talk and our habits speak for themselves. We are mindful, we are aware and we make positive impact. We develop skills to simplify and solve complex problems. We think global, act local and are digital natives. We change what we cannot accept and we accept what we cannot change and with that we focus our energy on what we can control. R-unity is one of those powerful words that reminds us to value what really matters so we can purposefully balance our life, focus on our skillset and transform our time into freedom. We are here for the journey, we enjoy the process and play infinite and non zero sum games. No matter what happens in life we know we can always recreate ourselves, find balance and redesign our future over and over.

If you believe in what we believe we invite you to join us in this collective movement towards the resignification of our society, by rebuilding, rethinking, redistributing, reseting, recycling, reimagining, relearning together as a community. We are R-unity.